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Retailer portal help guide

Need help with our portal for water retailers? Use the steps below if you'd like to reset your password or raise a different issue.


Using the retailer portal

Use the retailer portal to submit and manage forms and requests. If you're having trouble using the portal, use one of the forms below and we'll aim to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Reset password

For Non Admin users

To reset your password please request a reset from your admin user for your company. If you do not know who your administrator is please email: wholesaleservices@southernwater.co.uk.

For Admin users

Please contact the Wholesale Services Team and we will assist:

Tel: 0330 303 1272

Email: wholesaleservices@southernwater.co.uk

Require access

If your company is already registered with Southern Water – Please request access from your admin user. If you do not know who your administrator is please email: wholesaleservices@southernwater.co.uk.

If your company is not registered as a retailer with Southern Water – It is likely that you or your company will need to go through the Southern Water on-boarding process. Please send an email to: wholesaleservices@southernwater.co.uk.

To help us respond promptly please include the following information:

  • Type 'Retailer registration request - [retailer name]' in the subject line of your email
  • Your contact details

One of our relationship managers will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Raise an issue with the retailer portal

If you've read the FAQs and still have a query, please complete our Retailer Portal Issues form and we'll respond to your query.

Retailer portal issues

Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions about the retailer portal.

This may be because the SPID is not registered under Southern Water. Please check you have the correct wholesaler. Or, it may be that the SPID has not been registered in our internal systems. Please complete our retailer portal issues form.

We'll send all emails, including notifications, to the email address registered on 
your Schedule 2 documents.

Yes, you will receive notification within 24 working hours of us receiving your submitted form. This notification will let you know whether your request has been accepted or rejected, or if we need more information.

We will send an email notification if we need any further action to complete a request, i.e. accept a quote.

Please quote the case number. 

The submitted folder shows all requests submitted by that retailer.

Currently, Southern Water can only accept individual requests through the retailer portal.

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