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An aerial photo of Hillhead coast, its houses, beach huts and groynes

Ensuring healthy rivers and seas

Protecting and improving our water sources is vital to creating a resilient water future. Here you can view our latest environmental reporting on bathing water quality, flow and spill compliance and pollutions.

Boats lined up at Chichester Harbour

Our commitment to improving the health of our rivers and seas

As a business, we're focused on improving our accuracy and transparency around reporting. We’re focused on preventing any of the wastewater or chemicals we handle from posing a risk to nature or wildlife. This means returning wastewater to the environment after treatment safely while protecting homes and communities from flooding. We’re also committed to protecting our region’s bathing waters which play an important part in the local economy. Our Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force was set up in 2021 to do just that. Their Pathfinder projects aim to reduce storm overflows to ensure a healthy environment and a resilient future for water. 

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