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A photo of the Fairlight landscape

Fairlight, East Sussex

Our Pathfinder project in Fairlight, East Sussex, aims to reduce the risk of flooding in the village and also reduce the use of storm overflows.


The challenge

The Fairlight catchment in East Sussex was specifically chosen as a Pathfinder due to current and historical occurrences of flooding and current storm overflow performance in the area. The original Fairlight sewer network acts as a combined sewer, where both rainwater and foul water connect to the network.

Over time, the village has grown and the system now experiences significant excess water in the network. This has resulted in numerous storm overflow discharges and property flooding. Using a holistic approach to understanding and managing flows in this catchment, we can identify options to reduce incidents of flooding and pollution.




What we're doing


Understanding the network

We've been conducting surveys and investigations to fully understand the sewer network in the area. Doing this helps us to identify what solutions will work best for Fairlight.


Working alongside local representatives

We're bringing local representatives and community groups together so we can work collaboratively on interventions that will make the most difference.


Optimising infrastructure

We're working to invest in and optimise our current water infrastructure to help manage excess amounts of surface water during periods of heavy rainfall.


Surface water management

One of the key ways we plan to reduce the use of storm overflows and flooding is by managing surface water run-off. This includes working alongside the local council to improve highway drainage as well as with local residents to slow the flow of surface water into the sewer through things like slow-drain water butts.

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