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Standpipe hire information

When you need a supply of water outside our normal service, you can hire a standpipe from Water Services.


What is a metered standpipe?

A metered standpipe is a free-standing pipe fitted with a double check none return valve that allows you to get a temporary water supply by connecting to a washout hydrant. When you need a supply of water outside our normal service, you can hire a metered standpipe from Aquam Water Services. Metered standpipes are available in 22mm or 40mm sizes.
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Ordering a metered standpipe

For our customers, Aquam Water Services processes all applications for hired metered standpipes. Only metered standpipes provided by Aquam Water Services are consented to be used on our network. Using a standpipe without consent is a criminal offence contrary to section 174(3) of the Water Industry Act 1991. To protect our water supplies and prevent any risk to our water quality, any standpipe found attached to our network without consent may be removed and retained.

Once processed, Aquam Water Services can deliver anywhere in our region within one working day. Or, you can collect the metered standpipe from your nearest distribution point. Please contact AquambWater Services for your nearest location.

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Metered standpipe uses

Metered standpipes should be used when you need a supply of water that falls outside of our normal services.

Uses for metered standpipes can include:

  • Landscape gardening
  • Construction
  • Drain cleaning
  • Highway washing
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Where to use your metered standpipe

Across our region, we have designated tanker filling points and washout hydrants that you must use when extracting water from our system. These filling points are situated on water mains that will not impact service for our water customers. This also ensures no discolouration occurs due to large volumes of water being taken in a short space of time.

To ensure we can protect water quality and meet the demands of our customers, 40mm metered standpipes may only be attached at these designated filling points and washout hydrants. 22mm metered standpipes may be attached to any washout hydrant (WO). A metered standpipe should never be attached to a fire hydrant.

Order a metered standpipe

To hire a metered standpipe or enquire about prices, please complete this form and a member of the Aquam Water Services will be back in touch.

Alternatively, you can contact the Aquam Water Services team on: 

02392 695 515


(7:30am – 4:30pm weekdays).

Order a standpipe

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