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Our charity partners

We’re proud of our work with charity partners in and around our region.


Southern Water's charity partners

Building partnerships with charities is one of the ways we like to show support for our valued customers and communities.

We help partners to build resilience in their communities through supporting regional hardworking charities, volunteer-led groups and centres. As part of the partnerships, our colleagues spend time volunteering, sharing vital skills and donating their expertise along with fundraising.

To make sure our chosen charities receive the most from our support, we've chosen to target our resources with two main partnerships:

  1. A company-wide partnership with a single large charity.

  2. Five selected regional charities to focus on local projects improving outcomes for young people. Each charity applied for funding and received a £10,000 grant to support their project.


“We're thrilled to be awarded this support from Southern Water, which comes at a particularly difficult time for youth growing up in today's society. This grant will help us to support young people living in the most challenging circumstances to reach their potential."


Dover Smart Project

“The Dover Smart Project is very excited about this new partnership with Southern Water. As a small charity the recognition of a large organisation is key to the success of raising awareness and support for the work we do with young people in our community."


Waterside Community Trust

"Southern Water have been a great support to our projects. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to run them, such as our Sea Safe program which enables us to teach 1,000 local children drowning prevention skills and knowledge to reduce drownings."


No Limits

“We are so grateful to have been awarded this generous grant from Southern Water. Finding employment is a fundamental steppingstone for many of the vulnerable young people we support and, with this grant, we will be able to provide emotional and practical support to help young people achieve that step.”


Community Supporters

"This partnership will enable us to develop a programme and pathways for our young people to engage with nature and climate topics in a meaningful, enjoyable, and flexible way. We'd like to thank Southern Water for offering their support and expertise to help the Young Pollinators meet their goals."


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