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Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force

To reduce storm overflow releases, we need to find new and innovative ways to slow the flow of surface water into the sewer network. That's why we set up the Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force in 2021. We've tasked this team with driving down the use of storm overflows and we've got ambitious targets to meet.


How the task force is reducing the use of storm overflows

Over the next two years, the Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force will use nature-based solutions, infrastructure improvements and stormwater treatment to deliver several Pathfinder projects. These projects involve intervening in certain areas to slow the amount of surface water entering the sewer. The team is also working to prevent groundwater infiltration.

The task force will also be delivering a regional plan to reduce storm overflows between now and 2030. To achieve these targets, the task force is establishing strong partnerships across our region.

Lavant Wetland part of the Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force Pathfinder Project

Task Force updates

Here you can read about the Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force's latest activities. We publish updates approximately every six months.

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Ariel View of Bexhill Beach in summer


You can view storm overflow releases in our coastal areas using our Beachbuoy interactive map.

Beachbuoy shows near real-time information about storm releases and whether they may have affected bathing waters.

If you'd like to keep track, you can also subscribe to notifications for specific areas.

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